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EvaP Equipment

OCS's EvaP Series systems are designed to convert liquid product to a true vapor by means of evaporation and deliver that vapor to the source of the malodor. This is accomplished by heat and aeration generated within the reservoir thus causing the product to “gas-off”. Once the equipment has prepared the liquid product, it is transferred to the location to be treated under pressure which is generated by a blower. The amount of pressure generated is minimal, generally in the 4 to 6 psi range.

There are a number of methods used in the distribution of the finished product. Listed below are a few of the more common methods of application:

1) Many situations require the vapor to be dispensed through piping in which the product is under pressure. Outlet holes are located as near the source of the malodor as possible. The number and size of the opening is determined by the intensity of the malodor. The blower is sized to accommodate the amount of footage to be treated. Normally, a one-horse power motor is required for every one hundred (100) feet of distribution.


2) In many situations, when treating large rooms such as football and basketball enclosed arenas, gaming casinos, hospitals, etc. the HVAC system is used to distribute the product throughout the entire area. In this situation, OCS's EvaP system is tied into the make-up air and dispensed throughout the area that the HVAC unit services. Many times there are multiple units required to fully treat large areas. Trained OCS representatives will assist in evaluating the number and size units required to do the job.



3) Large systems for landfills, compost sites, wastewater facilities and industrial sites are available. These systems can be trailer mounted, powered by gasoline or diesel engines, and capable of covering acres at a time.

Odor Control Systems family of EvaP Equipment is available in numerous sizes, each designed for easy installation, easy service when needed, and complete coverage no matter how large or small the area.

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