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EvaP Series - Information

OCE's EvaP Series systems are designed to convert liquid product to a true vapor by means of evaporation and deliver that vapor to the source of the malodor.  The numbers following the name indicate the size of the blower (i.e. EvaP Series 1000 is a 1 hp unit and EvaP Series 2000 is a 2 hp unit).

· Both inside installations and large outside installations can become an added part of the customer base.  When installing inside - the system attached to and becomes a part of the HVAC system.  This application is used for treatment in larger buildings.

· The EvaP System offers a pure-vapor created through evaporation rather than fine spray.  The advantage being that there is no wet overspray to contend with.

· Because the EvaP System has heated product reservoirs, the units can be operated year round – inside and out.  This eliminates the seasonal downtime experienced with spray systems.

· Easy installation requires little time and few special tools.

· There are no expensive nozzles to maintain and/or replace.  Simply drill holes wherever you need vapor to escape.

· All units have adjustable product intensity valves to allow for on-site customization to meet the needs of your customer.

· EvaP Systems are available in four (4) sizes, plus three voltages to accommodate your job requirements.

· There is a wide range of HLS / Ecolo Products available.  These can be used in this type of unit.  This combination makes the EvaP System both functional and cost effective in the marketplace.

· These are protected under patent number US60/813,675.

All of our units are manufactured from the highest quality American made steel and powder coated to insure low maintenance and long life. Odor Control Systems are available to our customers in several ways. Most common is to purchase out-right. With this is offered complete installation and, if preferred, a monthly service contract.  A lease program is also available if capitol expenditures is of concern. With this program, a complete service program is included on a monthly basis and thus does not burden your service people with more work. Visit with your area representative for more information or contact the office at (405) 799-1775.

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