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Rooftop Grease Containment System

Patented system prevents rooftop damage & fire hazards 
caused by grease from grill & fryer exhaust fans

The custom-fitted pan, the dependable pump & timer, the unique concentrated chemical, and regularly scheduled service calls combine to create a highly effective system that controls the dangerous discharge of grease onto the rooftop. With this patented system you can expect the following:

  • Safeguard your roof from the fire hazards associated with highly flammable cooking grease
  • Prevent expensive roof repairs or replacements
  • Enhance worker and contractor safety and reduce the company’s exposure to rooftop workers’ compensation claims
  • Replace outdated grease containment methods and expensive cleanup of accumulated rooftop grease
  • Full service program allows store personnel to concentrate on food preparation and customer service
  • Unique hinged pan reduces service problems of exhaust fan motor – protects from roof damage due to exhaust fan removal for vent cleaning
  • The system can be easily expanded to handle higher volumes of grease as your cooking volume increases (chemical metering system and container are adjustable)
  • For a low monthly service fee, you receive:
    • A quality system (custom-fitted for your exhaust fan)
    • Refills of the unique concentrated chemical approved for food manufacturing facilities
    • Quality service inspections on regularly scheduled basis (including any repairs needed)

How The System Works:

  • The custom-made pan fits tightly around the exhaust fan unit to capture the escaping grease.
  • The pump (with a 24-hour programmable timer) feeds the Grease Catch Concentrate solution into the pan at optimum times of the day.
  • As biodegradable Grease Catch Concentrate comes into contact with the grease, it neutralizes the grease into a soapy substance, which evaporates away by wind and heat.

Fan Is Leaned Back To Clean Vent:

  • Fan, motor & belts stay in balance
  • No sharp corners cutting into roofing material
  • Cleaning the fan becomes a one-man job
  • Reduces fan & housing damage

How You Get Started:

  1. Let a Grease Catch representative perform a free survey of your facility.
  2. A quotation is prepared for your custom-designed Rooftop Grease Containment System.
  3. Once your order is received we take the following steps:
  4. A Grease Catch technician takes detailed measurements of the exhaust fan and curb dimensions.
    • The pan is built to your unique specifications from durable lightweight aluminum material.
    • The technician installs the complete system and adjusts the automatic system to the volume of grease produced (20, 35 or 50 gallon system).
    • Grease Catch Concentrate is added to the system.
    • You are assigned to a service schedule, which is performed by a Grease Catch service technician who will refill the chemical and perform a quality inspection of the system (system repairs are made at no additional charge).

Our Service and Industry Experience:

Grease Catch has the experience of serving institutional customers since 1919. Since the introduction of the Rooftop Grease Containment System in 1987, the patented design has proved to be highly effective with a wide range of food service customers. Many well-respected companies have used our service since its introduction.

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