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The Benefit of Ambient Scent for Businesses

There are few things that most businesses can agree on, but one of those things is almost definitely that your brand is everything. Your brand identity can make or break you to your client. It’s the first impression you can make on a potential customer and in the competitive market, it’s now more important than ever. 


Ambient scent is the newest innovation in the creation of a brand identity. It differentiates you from the competition and helps you create a strong brand image. The sense of smell is scientifically proven to be the most effective at creating a direct link to your memories. By working with an ambient scent company like Odor Control, you can create a signature scent for your business that adds to the customer experience.


Nearly all industries can benefit from ambient scent. From apartment complexes to hotels, car dealerships to office buildings, fragrance marketing can be incredibly powerful. Think of your favorite scents. What stands out to you the most? Is it the fresh leather of your first car? Is it the faint coffee smell from your favorite bookstore? Odor Control can help you create a signature scent that will stick with your customers and keep you fresh in their minds.  


Ambient scent can also help solve unique problems for your business. Maybe you’re a dentist that wants to soothe his patients. Filling the room with a faint lavender scent can help soothe your nervous clients. Fresh smells like apple and cucumber can make a room feel bigger, while scents with smoky undertones can make a large space feel intimate. Invigorate a groggy office staff with the scent of peppermint or citrus. Additionally, if you work in a field that might get a little stinky, like casinos with their smoke odor, use ambient scent to cancel out any malodors and leave behind only a light, pleasant scent. 


Using scent to inspire certain behavior is becoming a crucial strategy for more and more industries. Don’t let your business be the last one in on the secret. 

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