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Odor control Enterprises, LLC, design, install, and maintain automated odor control solutions for every type of odor, both indoors and outdoors.

Our Odor Control airProducts destroy odors at the molecular level and leave behind only a faint, light pleasant scent. Odor Control airProducts are neutralizers not masking agents.

Our Odor Control airProducts copy nature's way of controlling and eliminating odor by vaporizing a special formula made from the extract of numerous green plants from around the world. The neutralizing molecules attach themselves to the malodor molecule and transform them into non-odorous substances.

Multiple formations are necessary because all odors are not structured alike. Odor Control airProducts are customized to react to each specific type of odor.

Odor Control airProducts are approved for use in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, casinos, and industrial and environmental sites.

We train service technicians to keep systems running smoothly and effortlessly with regularly scheduled visits.

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