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Coworking Space Grows 23% Yearly. Why? There's Something in the Air.

In the near future, most of your coworkers might be coworking. And, no, we don’t mean collaborating on a project with teammates in a traditional cubicle....

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The Effect of Scent on Consumer Behavior

Deciding to use ambient scent for your business is truly a numbers game. The human nose is capable of detecting about 10,000 separate smells....

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Pleasant Scents Benefit Employees and Customers Alike

Experiencing unpleasant odors in any situation can be very off-putting for all involved. Whether you are trying to entice customers or create a stimulating environment for your staff, it is always in a company’s best interest to employ an ambient scent system....

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The Benefit of Ambient Scent for Businesses

There are few things that most businesses can agree on, but one of those things is almost definitely that your brand is everything. Your brand identity can make or break you to your client....

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